Romanian Youth Bouldering Cup

This year’s first Romanian Youth Bouldering Cup took place in Vulcan, at No Limits Climbing Gym, a place that is nothing less than special. It all started thanks to Felipe and Janelle Silva, a Brazilian-Canadian couple that moved to Romania and decided to make a change in the small community of Vulcan, by building a climbing gym. Needless to say, the local kids are thrilled as well as really talented. The Bouldering Cup was exciting to watch and photograph. Kids and teenagers from all over the country competed in 6 different age groups during the entire day and there was definitely a frenzy of activity. What we like most about photographing kids climbing is capturing the raw emotion on their faces while they’re trying their best. Thanks to No Limits, Vulcan is now a place we thoroughly enjoy going to. Felipe and Janelle make you feel like home while they’re busy creating new opportunities for these kids.